Looking into buying x carve 1000mm

I regretted not buying vcarve when I got the machine… Significantly more powerful than Easel.
Vcarve doesn’t execute the gcode. You have to load it into UGS or Easel to run the machine.

Well I’m not experienced with any of that or anything CNC for that matter so this is gonna take a couple months to get used to and once I order it and assemble it I’m sure I’ll be coming here for help on how to use it correctly and dial everything in, any good thread names you reccomend to learn about what exactly a gcode is from my understanding its a format that tells the spindle how to read the design you made and copy it onto your material


Why you might want to buy a Vectric product

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I think vCarve is easier to work with, even for simple projects, and is certainly more capable for large ones. I purchased the full Pro version, simply so I wasn’t limited to 24x24 area when my machine was going to be significantly larger. I know that it is possible to upgrade from desktop to pro, simply by paying Vectric the difference in retail prices between desktop and pro. However, at least when I purchased mine, Inventables gave a discount when bought with a machine and with the percentage discount, the differences were less through Inventables than they would have been direct from Vectric, so I went for the max package straight away.


All you get with pro though is custom passes and larger area though right

The Suckit dust boot has very short “hairs,” meaning you can’t cut a 2x4 with it mounted. And does anybody have a source for those long brush things if I wanted to make my own dust boot?

I custom made my boot, I bought a horse hair brush, pulled the hair out of the brush and superglued it into my boot. I have been very happy with it.

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Thanks for the civil and informative reply! I’ve thought about hacking paint brushes in a similar way. But these people that sell dust boots seem to have a source for a continuous roll of this hair/bristle in about a 2 in length. Was hoping someone can reveal / discover this source.

I like it. I think that’s where I’m at.