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Looking to Buy 1000mm X Carve in Arizona

I’m located in Tucson AZ and am looking to buy a 1000mm X carve. I am willing to dive up to 4 hours to meet up or will pay for shipping as long as it isn’t outrageous. Thanks!

I am selling a 1000 m X-Carve. You can email me at if interested.

I have an almost brand new 750mm for sale in Gilbert, AZ.

Are you by anychance still selling your Xcarve?

I want to sell my xcarve 1000mm
Any interesting send me massage

I live in Green Valley and am thinking of selling my unit, If still interested give me a call 520 891 8047

Do you still have your machine? How much are you asking. I am in Queen Creek

1200.00 have alot of tooling

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I will let you know soon. Thanks