Looking to buy a cnc for a condo

Hi there :blush:
I am interested in the carvey as I live in a condo (BURNABY BC.) and only have a small space for working on stuff

Even the Carvey is a bit noisy. It can be hard on the neighbors. The Carvey is a good choice for a condo or apartment because it is enclosed. Inventables has not sold new ones for a while, but you sometimes see them in the for sale section here or on Ebay.

Thanks Harry,
I know that it might be a little noisy but we have a small workshop that I can take it down to.

My biggest concern is that it won’t do what I want it to do 3D carving from a picture.


It should be able to do things like Photo VCarves or lithophanes. Neil Ferreri here in the forum runs 2 Carveys at his school. He should be able to better tell you what it can do.

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