Looking to trade my 1000mm x-carve for a 750mm

I am taking my gig on the road and the 1000mm is too big to lug around. Looking for a 750 that is more managable but for an even trade will need some extras possibly or something else added in…

would you sell if so what would be the price?

Only looking for a trade right now… I have someone local interested in buying it for $1800 with stand and Vcarve…
I want to see if I can get a smaller one.

Where are you located? I’m looking to trade my 750mm with a 1000mm as I have a need to cut larger pieces.
I’m in San Diego/CA and I bought my machine 7 months ago, so it’s very new.

I love San Diego!! Unfortunately, I am in Rhode Island! I think I may just sell it and get a Glowforge!

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