Looking to Try X-Carve before Buying - looking for someone in Asheville, NC area

I am about to purchase an x-carve to cut out foam rubber and would like to try it on the material before I purchase.
Would anyone close to the Asheville NC area or someone willing to have me send the material to them be open to cutting it for me?
I can send you enough material to cut something for yourself for payment :smile:

iโ€™m in south carolina. may be interested. PM me

If you can be more specific about the material, thereโ€™s a chance that someone on the Inventables team like @Zach_Kaplan, @TaitLeswing, or @BartDring might run off a quick sample project using that material. Back when the machines were first starting to ship, they seemed to be looking for a variety of materials to do demo cuts with.


Where near asheville i live in charlotte, NC

in a town called black mountain.
Iโ€™m going to call them directly and see if they will test cut it first.
Thanks for the reply!

Its a proprietary mixture of flexable polyurethane foam rubber.
Its on the firm side, but is very low density, and very lightweight.
Can any of you guys run a test sample, I will not need it back, just pictures. @Zach_Kaplan, @TaitLeswing, @BartDring.

I live north of Asheville. I just ordered one, but it will be another 5 weeks before I expect it to arrive.