Looks like my spindle died and not sure why

So i was still trying to figure out why my machine was cutting on an offset. went back and worked through some of my v-wheels had loosened up so had to tighten them. Still was cutting on an offset. So i gave my POTs a small clockwise turn and ran the job again. still was cutting on an offset to the right and up abit. looked over my belts, made sure they were tight and went to start again. This time my spindle would not turn on using the logic setting. ran setup again still nothing. Switched the spindle to off then manual on, nothing… checked all the wiring and still will not turn on. has anyone seen this before. I know there have been spindle deaths but just all of a sudden…

Not unusual. I think your offset could have been due to near-death, electrical noise from the spindle.

Agreed, these are linked and common problems with a defective spindle. These symptoms have been reported by numerous users. You should contact customer service for help.

Similar thing happened to me I am awaiting a new spindle. My spindle some times works if I rotate the axil, if you want to try this make sure that there is no bit attached it can cause injury.

Tried but its dead. will not turn on at all… But i have orderd my Dewalt dwp611 mount.

Did a new spindle help?