Loose screw x 14

A note to Carvey users to check the Y axis assembly for movement.

The other day when changing the waste board to a custom jig I noticed a lot of movement in the whole base assembly.

So I removed the aluminium base and found that 14 of 16 screws that hold the bearing mounts to the Y carriage plate were loose, I could remove them with my fingers !!

I bit of threadlock and all is good again and I checked the tension of the Y belt while I was in there.


I’m curious about your custom jig…care to share more info?

Nothing fancy, it is just an extra waste board screwed to the original with a couple of T-nuts placed symmetrically so I could easily flip the work for the double sided coasters I was making.

Also, I’m not really happy with the imperial tie down spacing original on the waste board so have had a go at a metric one with a few more tie down points but that is still a WIP.

The main problem is I can’t get 1/2" MDF here and 13mm stuff throws out the z switch on the (not so) smart clamp and with the Carvey it is not possible to do a resurface.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve made some jigs that I attach to the wasteboard, but I hadn’t considered replacing it with a different style.

That shouldn’t matter as it’s the thickness of the clamp that determines the offset.