LOR boat paddle

Was wanting to reproduce the boat paddle in fellowship of the rings movie and can not find any images anywhere on the internet. Also was thinking to possibly carve one here on the X-Carve machine.

Anyone know of good images of this paddle and or better yet, a program for actually cutting one on the X-Carve??

Thank you.

I don’t know anything about LOR or the boat paddle but I goggled it and saw the LOR guy in a boat with a paddle. I drew the paddle in 2 sections and what you could do is cut it out in 3 pieces, the center and 2 outer layers. You could use a router to round over the 2 outer sections and then glue them to the center section.Then some shaping, sanding and you would have an LOR paddle. Hope you can use this
Good Luck


You are amazing, Russell.


Thank you Drew :upside_down_face: :grinning: