Losing connection to XCarve

Strange thing I got going on, I am using easel to send gcode to the xcarve, after importing three or four gcode files and after they have successfully completed their carve, loading the next gcode file with get all the way to comfim the spindle then it looses connection to the controller, need to reboot controller and restart app.

Any ideas on what may be causing the connection lose, thought is was related to edge browser so started to use chrome with same repeatable items.

Thanks in advance.


I am going to give that a try, UGS I think, BTW when using Vectric Aspire to create the gcode is it best to use the easel post processor or the xcarve PP.


Thank you to all

I use the easel PP with Aspire. Haven’t had a problem yet.

I was having the same issue. Turned out to be a firewall / anti-virus application blocking the port to the XCarve. Probably one of the more recent updates… I just started turning off security options until the issue went away.


Never even thought about that, I just put in a new computer and windows 10 install. I can see that happening. Will check that out.

Thanks for for the help


No Problemo.

Well tried the firewall stuff and no joy, still get a connection loss. The process when it happens is I may have multiple files to carve on the same piece as I import the gcode everything is fine, as I go through the process to start the carve I get right the point of either is the dust collection connected or at the start spindle point. Then I see the carve button go Blue and no function control. Need to restart x-controller and restart software. It usually happen after around the fourth import, reminds me of memory leak.

Any ideas it is not a show stopper just a pain to have to restart all the time.



Did this happen when you updated easel drivers? I had to roll mine back once also.

I’ll give that a try, this is a new computer installation so I did load the most current driver.

This disconnection happens to me a LOT. In each case, the X-controller is DOA, and requires a restart to work again. I’ve checked my USB, power connector on the X-controller, I’ve moved my spindle to a separate circuit, my dust collector to a different circuit, added a UPS for the computer/X-carve. Still randomly stops now and then. Both using Easel and Fusion360+UGS.

Added a powered USB hub and crossing my fingers. I’ve had my hopes dashed so many times on this issue that I’m skeptical.

To be honest this problem makes the X-carve feel like a toy rather than a tool.


I am having the exact same issue. I ran my x-carve all week last weekend without problem. Logged in today to start and I have continuous disconnection issues. Sometimes I can get all the way past the Z-Probe calibration and then when I start to set the XY axisi, I lose communication completely. I have tried re-starting, different USB, different machines, etc.

Totally confused . . . and a little angry

Yeap still haven’t figured it out yet, I have resorted to closing Easel and restarting it and load the new gcode. It is like it can’t catchup thru the start the carve process, something just not cleared out in memory or something.

I like using easel for the sender it make somethings easier in at least my workflow, I have tried UGS but seems there is some differences in the carves from using easel as the sender rather than UGS especially with vbit carving ( the depth of the cuts are different), but I been chalking that one up to be fairly new to all this.

Gcode is Gcode. The sender shouldn’t be changing the depth.

If your depth changes between senders, you’ve got something else wrong that any pre-carve motions are exploiting to make the differences. If your steps/mm is off or inconsistent due to mechanical problems, you could see this.

Added a powered USB hub. Yep, couldn’t finish a 15 minute cut. Stopped about 12 minutes in. Sigh.

Checked before powering X-controller down, and I still have a COM3. But when I close connection with UGS, it gives me an error.

Most interestingly (and frustrating) is that when the cutting stops. Powering the X-controller down and back on usually I get a popup saying USB device has malfunctioned and is not working properly. Even if I turn it off for 60 seconds. If, however, I turn it off for 10 minutes or so before turning it back on, it will power back up properly and seem to be okay again. Seems like maybe a CMOS latchup problem.

Wondering if the next thing to try is pull all the wiring out of the tracks and redo it with the spindle AC wire OUT (so there’s no AC induced in the low voltage lines going to the X-controller). I really liked the cleanliness of having that buried in the track, but I’ve got to solve this as it’s killing my productivity.

Yea Justin I agree the sender should have nothing to do with depth change, just something weird I need to figure out, but this has nothing to do with with the app not responding without having to restart…etc, etc, etc, … like everyone else is talking about

If it was not a web app I would think memory leak, of course I could be out in left field.