Losing Data I Think?

I have a xcarve 500mm x 500mm with the Nema 23 Steppers and Dewalt 611 spindle and acme thread. I am using Vcarve Desktop 8.0. Computer is a windows 7 laptop. Old (15year) but should be more than enough.

While cutting multiple profiles, (ID and OD’s) my machine will suddenly lose its place in the program and take of in a different direction. I have overcome this by making my nc files smaller, (splitting up the cuts), but this is not going to work for 3d Carving. I suspect the problem is in communication between the laptop and xcarve controller.

Has anyone had this problem and what is the fix if so.

Appreciate any help that can be lent to the situation.

Don’t know if it will help any but i had nothing but issues running .nc files. I switched to .tap. also check belt tension and might want to turn up the voltage on the pots for the steppers. Last time mine took off on the wrong path it was a loose belt. But give it time there are people on here that know waaaaay more than me and may better answer your question. Also i do not know if the software you use allows saving as a tap file.

Try adding in a powered USB hub between the laptop and the arduino. You may have a weak USB that can’t power the arduino for long periods, and then the arduino resets, and you loose the data already buffered onboard.

Other than the suggestion of adding a powered hub to the USB in order to better power the Arduino check any cables that the USB is near. You may be experiencing noise issues. USB is subject to data corruption or data loss due to electrical noise. Make double sure that there are no AC lines running near your USB cables. Especially a vacuum cable or the cable going to the 611. These experience spikes that if near the USB cable will cause erratic behavior in the machine.