Losing steps on the X Axis in a very peculiar way

Hello all!.. I’m having a very strange problem with the X axis on my X carve, i’ve done everything i’ve found to fix the problem of losing steps, but this seems to be an entirely different problem. i made a test to see exactly whats going on, i placed a very fine v carving bit and lined it up with the grid. then i move the x axis in 10mm increments (the$ values have been perfectly calibrated) it moves perfectly to the left, (exactly 10mm) but then i move to the right and loses EXACTLY 1mm, then i keep going to the right and it does NOT lose any more, no matter how far i go. The curious part is that when i move the x axis back to the left it RECOVERS the lost mm and aligns with the grid perfectly again, as if it knew where it should be. this ONLY happens on the X axis by the way, i moved the x axis current pot as specified to calibrate it. i am about to give up by now, i cant find a solution and it is affecting my jobs… thanks for your help!


Test, do the same excersise but now jog 100mm - I bet the first 100mm jog also lack 1mm.

Every time an axis need to change direction it need to “take up the slack” before actual motion in the opposite direction will happen, and some travel is lost due to this. This is called backlash.

All systems have some degree of backlash, the more advanced systems compensate this on the computer while milling. Hobby machines usually dont have this option.

Solution - go over your machine and make sure its properly tight, wheels snug, set screws are tight etc. Basically anything mechanical :slight_smile:

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Have you converted it to lead screw operation? If so consult your supplier.
if you are still using the belts I suspect it is your Y rail plates that are loose.

Yes Mark thats exactly what it was, i was so focused con the X axis i forgot to check the Y… thanks for the help