Losing steps

Hi I seem to be losing steps especially on the x axis I think. I have tried tightening pulleys, checking stepper motor wires, and using recommended settings, is there something else I can try?

Belt tension. Vwheel tightness.

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Meaning loose belts and overly tight wheels? I don’t know any exact way to calibrate belts or wheels, but checked them and it seems some v-wheels turn as it travels the rails and a couple (on the bottom) don’t, but they can turn, they are just not being forced to turn. That said I think the vwheels have always been like that.

I checked the pulley set screws for tightness, and also stepper motor wiring. The belts are about the same as far as I can describe tautness.

When I cut in the air to test it works fine, but with resistance when cutting it is intermittently getting hung up or even veering off path.

That’s a problem that needs to be fixed. All Vwheels should be turning when the machine is moving in that axis.

That info is all throughout the forum. Fish/luggage scale measuring around 4 lbs at one inch lift of the belt in the center with the axis all the way at the side where the belt is fixed and not adjustable. Make sure both Y belts are the same tension.

Vwheels should not rotate freely but should turn if using 2 fingers to spin them (with the machine turned on and motors locked).

thank you I will try those steps.

Are your Y rails exact same distance apart from each other front and back?

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Secondly, I too am having veering issues. My positioning is at the corner of the board and by the time the cut is done it’s gone way off. My cuts vary by way of material, but each are fairly conservative in their rates. 40/min, with a .04 plunge. This has happened with the last 20 jobs. Each one stunk.

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However the most common causes for this sort of an issue are loose x axis belt or loose vwheel eccentric nuts, i also suggest inspecting the belt for being stretched (youll usually see a thinner section) or plane ole missing teeth.