Lost Communications after Carve + Solution

I found that I keep losing my USB connection after a carve. I would have to shut down EASEL and shut down the controller to reset everything. I am carving several parts that are all on the same ZERO but when I reset I have to re ZERO.

SOLUTION FOUND: If I open the project I am working on and then open a second project, I don’t loose my USB connection. As long as I have more than one EASEL project open the USB stays connected.


That’s really odd. What computer/OS and browser are you using? Is it timing out due to sleep settings?

Also,(assuming you ‘homed’ your machine first) after you zero your bit, you can go into Machine Inspector (CMD-SHIFT-D on a Mac) and enter the G28.1 command to save that zero location setting. You can then turn off your machine completely if you want and that XYZ zero location will be saved. (again, assuming you ‘home’ your machine first before you begin)

I am running an old laptop with Windows 7, I already have issues with the preview because my processor is not compatible with the WinGL code. I can’t access the COM Port information and I have no idea how to visit the page you were showing me.

I was having this problem and found a solution by accident. I only posted to perhaps help others.


When in Easel, just press Ctrl-Shft-D on Windows or from the Menu, click Machine, then Advanced, then Machine Inspector.

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In Easel click on the word Machine at the top of the page. (i.e. file - edit- machine-help)
then at the bottom of the dialog that opened click advanced.
A new dialog will open in a new window and click Machine Inspector at the bottom.

the window should now show the Machine Inspector that he was showing.

or you could use the keyboard shortcut as listed in the support page. (command + shift + d)