Lost in Easel and g code

Recently built a cnc router using plans from Rockcliff and I’m pleased say that it works ok. The mechanics of the build and the basic electronics went well, Arduino Uno, cnc shield and 4 A4988 drivers controlling Nema 23 motors. Now come the tricky part, my knowledge of using g code is zilch. My 2 problems are A. everything I try to cut is a mirror of what appears on screen, if I tried to cut BUS it would come out as SUB. Problem B. If I load an SVG file into Easel, export it as a g code file and output it through UGS or grbl controller I seem to have no control over where the job will start despite setting the xyz to bottom left and zeroing the display. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Robert - if you import an SVG file into Easel at one end you can export a g-code at the other end to use in any g-code sender. I agree that my machine settings need tweeking but where to start is my problem but thanks for your imput.