Lost on how to First Carve

So ive spent the last 2 weekends building my X-Carve 1000M. It powers up and I think its ready to go but I am completely lost. Is there a step by step guide on how to design a shape and carve?

Welcome to the community x carve?

There are a few ways to get where you want to go. Many topics are scattered throughout the forum along with some good video tutorials. You can take a look at Phillip Lundsford’s video series on YouTube. The one you are specifically asking about is the one found in Paw Paw’s Workshop: Setting up and first carve

While the video will get you started you really should read through the forums. Your next set of questions will probably fall in line with “Why is it doing this?” You will find that carving is the easy part soon enough.

Good luck and welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask questions, and use the search function when you can. You will most likely find you answer, or an answer that will help you. If not, I’m confident someone here will be happy to.

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Paw Paws Workshop

Lots of helpful videos.


Three responses within a minute of each other. Two refer to Paw Paw’s Workshop :slight_smile:


I am considering a purchase of the X-carve. I would like to see one and talk to an owner locally before purchase. I live in Myrtle Beach. Would anyone near here be kind enough to show me their x-carve and talk with me about it. Thanks

My guess would be not many…for obvious reasons.

I’m new to XCarve and just completed the assembly and my first cut attempt on the practice board that came. My first question is: Where would you guys recommend I go to buy my wood/materials to carve?
and also… what has worked best for a table to house the X Carve?

Second time you’ve used the same comment.

The word guess and obvious used together to make a point. Not sure I understand. If something is so obvious why would it be a guess?

There are some people who legitimately come here to seek advice. Some people offer advice. Whether they claim to be “the expert” is not what matters. If some just want to troll the forum and pick apart what people say, by all means keep trolling.

Everyone has a starting point. Some with experience but need a little guidance, some with a lot of experience who just want to help, and others who need a lot of advice. That is what this forum is all about. It’s not about shaming people. The world is difficult enough. Just give it a rest and be part of the solution; not the problem.


If you live in AL, I will gladly get you started.