Lost settings can someone please help me

I recently moved and im trying to set up my xcarve but seem to have lost my settings I have an upgraded Z from ebay and cant seem to find what the $ setting is its currently trying to drive the bit through the waste board
Can someone please help

It’s probably your $102 setting that you need to (re-)adjust.

Here’s a good resource in case you’ve forgotten how to calibrate:

There’s a video in that post where he starts with calibration of the X and Y stepper motors (your $100 and $101 values are set to the default 40, so you might want to go ahead and calibrate those as well), and then calibrates his Z axis toward the end.

There are screen shots of my upgraded 750 x 1000 set up. It has the acme Z, x controller, home switches, and probe tool below. Maybe that could help? Sounds like you’ll have to determine the pitch of the Z you bought. Be aware that my Inventables GRBL board hasn’t been reflashed, so it shows home as negatives after homing.

I’ve tried changing the $102 settings to 94.088 to reduce the turns by half but doesn’t change the reaction it still drives the bit into the table

What are you telling the machine to do when this happens? Run a carve? Just jogging the Z? If you jog the Z with a super-small increment size, you should be able to avoid this and figure out what’s happening.

Trying to run a carve if I jog it it almost looks like it moves double what I want, I changed the $102=188.??? to 94.088 but doesnt seem to change

You will need to reset the board for the change to take effect.
If something move incrementally half of/double of is can also be delt with by changing micro step level.

I’ve gone out then back in to see if the change took place and it has but still doesnt affect the cut i’m wondering if im looking in the wrong place

Power controller off/on and check settings again :slight_smile:

A pic of the board with switch settings showing would be a nice supplement :slight_smile: