Lost usb serial com 3 port

I no longer have a com 3 usb serial port, windows 10 upgraded now the port has gone, did find it as a hidden port, but now that has gone.
Cant connect to my CNC, cant roll driver back as its been more than 10 days.

But not sure if its my controller board that is broken or windows 10, my usb connection to the controller board is very loose, i have been thinking about getting a new one, but if its the pc thats broken then there is no point in getting a new controller board

Had the same problem with the USB port. The “prong” on the end of the USB cords is almost twice as long as the socket on the board. The result is that the socket gets twisted every time the cord is moved and the internal connections in the socket lose contact. End up having to replace the board.

Solution would be to ensure that the right size socket is used on the board.

but did you have the same problem when the usb port was “broken” did the com3 port not show up in device manager ?, i have other spare boards that i have pllugged in, is there a way of testing the board its a camtool cnc v3.3

I presume com port did not show up because there was no USB connection but I did not look at that aspect. I could not get connection to jog etc. I am running a 3018Pro under Easel

so if the board is broken does the com 3 port not show up, that would make sense