Lots to discuss!

First of all, hey y’all! I’m brand new to the forum and have just purchased the X-Carve after waiting a long time to take this step. I’m quite excited to begin.

With that, I’m trying to get a jump start on learning the Easel program and it’s not the cleanest thing I’ve used but then again, I am brand new to it…so likely user error. I’m currently stuck on how to layer in the same image as in… I want one line to perform one way and another line to perform in another way (ex: cut through vs carve… Not sure that can be accomplished. Not sure how to fix that. Stuff to figure out.

I am, however, no stranger to designing so though I’m a CNC noob, I’m not completely lost on the designing part. Easel seems strange. I have been scouring the forum and I’ve discovered some things but lost on others. I’m sure the topics I’m trying to learn are in the forum somewhere but keywording sometimes is frustrating.

If you’re still with me, what are some suggestions, tips, good reads, or videos you like? What was your favorite project? What was something you got stuck on when you first started and banged your head on the wall for awhile. What can I learn from you? What can I offer?

Thanks for anything you have to contribute to my adventure in knowledge while I wait for the thing to arrive!

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You can create separate workpieces, the cutout one one piece the engraving on another, when you duplicate your original piece just don’t move anything on the second one so you keep the same X,Y coordinates


That’s helpful, thank you!

Go back through the project section and look for things that seem well done or in line with what you’re wanting to do … open those in Easel and see how they are put together.

Of course, watch all of Phil’s videos ( the Designs by Phil thread).


My YouTube channel has helped many people. You might want to take a look.