Loud squeak noise in Acme Z axis?

I am having and always had a loud squeak when the Z axis goes up and down? Makes the noise just a the mid way and lower. Ideas? Not sure I there is a way to post video on here to let you hear it.

Is it a new build? If so, did you run the delrin nut up and down the acme rod using a hand drill? The instructions only list it for the M8 rod but its also good practice for the Acme rod as well.

Are you using a Gshield? If so, check your Z axis drive potentiometer. Mine produced similar noises with the stock Gshield pot setting and I had to increase it. There are some good videos around here that mention how to do it or if you know electronics and are good with a voltage meter, you can set the reference voltage using the meter.

HI not a new build but has been doing it sense day one. I set potentiometer up perfect I think a few months ago.
I will up load a video in about a hour. thanks

I spray my z-axis rod with this to help smooth out travel and eliminate the squeak.

Trying to upload a video but does not seem to upload?

Upload it to youtube then share the video, it works that way.

ok here is a youtube link to it https://youtu.be/Gc6Awoa5IPU

Yep, sounds familiar…lol

Try some dry lube, it will do wonders.

yup. just a small shot of rem oil for me fixed it

ok will do thanks

just beware mine started doing that, turned out the nuts locking the pulley to the drive shaft had loosened and were slipping, causing the noise, but only after things heated up on very long carves, and expansion caused the slippage to occur. My fault for not making sure at least one of them was seated on the flat. Ended up having to remove the pulley and mount a new one, and blue the bolts so it would not happen again.

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