Loudness and time

Hello, new guy again. Was wondering how loud this CNC is? If a project says it takes 32 hours to complete do you need to run it for a straight 32 hours or can you stop and pick up where you left off the next day? Is it safe to run without being there with it?

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I had a project that took approximately 22 hours, but I broke it up it to segments of 2 to 4 hours each. Can you post a pic of your project. I would like to see what a 32 hours carve looks like.

You can pause the machine and resume the next day as long as you dont have any power interruptions. As far as running the machine when you’re not there, that would never be safe. Shops have burned down becasue of it.

I am just trying to learn Easel before my CNC comes in next week. The 32 hours was using a 1/8th bit just to make a simple sign. But when I went to v carve bit 60 deg it said 1 hour 39 minutes. For V carve you need Easel Pro, right? But, how do you make a big project into segments? Remember i’m 100% new to this, so trying to figure this all out. Thank you


Okay, good to know thanks!

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Saw this posted the other day for the guy that wants to start the machine and walk away. https://youtu.be/D2xoxPlDnW4

Got it, thanks for the video!

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First of all:
Pressing Pause during carving is one way to divide one long job into several smaller ones, as long as the USB-connection is kept intact. (No PC power save, nothing)

As far as your current 32hr indication, if you can share the design (or screenshot + carve specific details) we can see and advice if something could be more optimized.

If you have homing switches and did a homing sequence before setting your work zero, you can make subdivisions of your design (design allowing) and carve segments of the whole. With homing switches you can have a persistent work zero.

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