Love the Makita but miss the LED light on the dewalt

Any body else miss being able to see what they are cutting after upgrading to the Makita? The Dewalt had an LED I kind of took for granted. I love the quiet Makita but I can’t see it working. Any body out there having similar issues? Any ideas other than rigging some sort of LED light mount?

You could try something like this…

Or, you could mill something to attach these to…


Brandon Parker


Thanks Brandon. I really like the first one. I’m wondering if it will work with Inventables dust shoe? If not maybe I’ll make one that will. The LED’s on a roll typically won’t bend in a flat circle, so that’s probably not a great option.
Appreciate the Feedback!!

Unless you mill your own acrylic piece and place the LED’s on the inside of the circular pocket facing outward. The acrylic should diffuse the light. You could do something that replaces the existing dust shoe acrylic, or you could do something that attaches around the bottom of the router; if doing that, you could paint/cover the top and outer edges to only allow the diffused light to show downward.

Here is what I am talking about…


Brandon Parker

i used these HYADA DC 12V Waterproof 1Ft 12 LED Strip Underbody Light with 6 inches Wires for Motor (Blue,Pack of 6) : Automotive

I really like the open builds design. If it won’t fit in my dust shoe I may redesign it, or my dust shoe so they will work together.

Hey there Doug,
I dont have the Makita as I am still using the Dewalt. But I did run an led light strip underneath the gantry. Does not affect operations in the least bit and I can see what I am carving a whole lot better. I ran the power cable through the cable tray and plugged it into the same surge protector the rest of the machine is using. I did this 3 years ago and still runs well. I picked up a cheap 3ft strip on Amazon for under $10. Hope this helps.

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