Low Quality Image Upload

I am having trouble getting the entire detailed-image uploaded into easel. Ive tried JPG and converted it into SVG with no luck. Can anyone assist?

Easel dont convert detailed images very well.
Using Inkscape to trace it might be a more viable approach.

Show us if you can, what you have and tell us what you want to achieve and we´ll have something to go on :slight_smile:


Thank you for the recommendation! Yes, I am very new to Xcarve/Easel…im trying to learn the ins and outs with the supporting systems/software.

Attached is the image I am trying to upload into Easel. I even tried converting it to an SVG file…it got better but still missing a lot of details. Any recommendations?

Thank you

I had some time today so I played around with your image, I added an outline around the skull to give it some detail. Let me know if it will work out for you

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Holy Smokes!!! That looks amazing. Did you use Inkspace? I will do some test cuts and post them

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Thanks you, No I used CorelDraw, its similar to InkScape.