Lower bit to top of material

not into it…

FMLife is now FMmaterial or FMcarve

I hate when that happens!!! sorry man I have done it many times also

best thing I found to do is make a sanity checklist and follow it before everytime you hit start


like this one?

  1. lower your bit to surface of material.
  2. is it digging in the wood, raise the bit
  3. no really are you sure its not in the bit, you dont have the best lighting in the garage so lets get a flashlight and double check shall we?
  4. is your material black? you didnt get that flashlight did you. well you are going to kill this piece of mdf… go find the scotch you lazt bum

My gut sank to the floor when I saw your picture, I even poured out a little of my drink in honor of your dead soldier! Thats one of those times you just have to turn everything off and walk away before doing something you will regret.


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thanks @JamesMurray a bit if sharpie and it turned out alright… not too bad for my first halftone

All settings in this post.

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how long did it take to do that carving?

3-4 hours

Have a triquetra from @CharleyThomas but I havent started using it… first mistake… now I have a reason.


nice, I would like to do same but make it look like the frame is a ipad. size doesnot matter.

thats what she said

oh boy!