Lowering Z axis on 2nd or 3rd runs

I am totally new to using easel and have a question. After my first run on the design, I see that I need to lower the bit slightly for follow up runs. I see no way to actually know what my last position was so that I can know how much to lower it. If I tell easel to use last home position, can I then adjust the spindle down from there?

What do you mean by “follow up runs” ?

I created the design and carved it into the wood. When it got through, I saw that I need to slightly lower the bit and go over the first carve at a deeper depth.

just set the new cut depth in Easel, and use “last XY home position”. No need to adjust anything manually.

Hit Carve, and it will follow the same path

I used an imported G-code that I already had and have used many times. I need to somehow go back to the home position and then be able to lower the bit maybe .003. I do not see how I can do that.

Add a line in the g-code.

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Just relocate Z work zero down by 0.003

You would actually want to jog the z axis up it up by the amount you want it to drop, then zero the Z axis. If you drop it down then re-zero, it will think it is deeper than previous which will make it cut higher by the amount of offset applied.

As mentioned, you could also edit the G Code to drop your z axis by the amount desired, but that can be somewhat complex depending on how many times your cut drops to the final z depth. Tabs make this more difficult because it drastically increases the number of times the bit drops to full depth cutting and all gcode lines will need to be edited.