LPD 27 (PORTLAND) Coin Holder

The Huntington Ingalls Industries recently launched the USS PORTLAND (LPD 27) so I made a coin holder for what will eventually be the Navy’s newest amphibious ship. Cut from cedar wood. Setup in V-carve software though I think I could have made it work in Easel as well. I used a 2mm bit on the small stuff and an 8mm bit on the large parts.

The launch video is pretty neat:


I need to make some coinholders and sell them to my fellow Air Force friends/co-workers…lol. Very nice!

Great Video. Thank you for sharing it. For us In-Landers this is not something we get to see very often if ever. I really enjoyed watching the video.

Thanks again

Funny. Thanks. I look forward to serving on her (the ship).

I have always been fascinated with Ships. But living in the middle of the US, we do not get to see many boats over 30’ long unless they are houseboats. This was something that I have not seen before. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your Service.

Safe Travels

No worries. I truly enjoy being at sea. I have been on a shore duty now for a few years and am looking to get back to sea. Obviously that slows down my x-carve habit but the good news is my machine will be at home waiting for the next project!


Finished up a LPD 27 lithophane last night. Did I mention how much I love the X-carve and the software tools by Picengrave?!?

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