Lubricant that came with x carve?

Hello, I am brand new to the x carve or any cnc for that matter. I received a packet of lubricant with my x carve what do I lubricate? I went thru all the instructions and saw no mention of it. any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill

That is for the z axis lead screw.

I could have fun with this one but I’ll be nice. :slight_smile:


That’s to celebrate after you’ve finished building it! :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the lubricant made of? My z axis is starting to complain when running a 3d carve. I have the ACME lead screw.

I am pretty sure it is the screw going into the nut that is complaining, rather than the bearings, since it happens more at certain z depths.

Never mind. I just looked at the page for the kit and saw the answer to the question that was posed there.

I use a dry lube, PTFE spray on mine.

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In a more serious note I should probably lubricate mine.

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“Ouch! This rod is dry!”

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Sounds like my wife :wink:


Is there any concern for chips sticking to the lube?