Lunar landscape in lodgepole pine!

Tried my hand at a 3D lunar landscape from NASA’s laser moon scans carved into leftover cheap “lodegepole pine” laminate from lowes


Looks great!

How big is it?


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All you need now is a LEM!

Wow, that is amazing. Curious…How many lines of gcode?

It’s a huge 300 mb tiff file Here’s the link I justcut a small piece and used it as a height map to model the surface with aspire , I know I can make models with rhino and probably other programs from height maps it’s literally a sliver of the original NASA scan.

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Not sure I’ll have to check it was 4 hour total carve

you know they faked it they just left all that trash up there for the aiiens to clean up. haha

Think I’ll need to do a big one like that… :grinning::+1: