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What are the chances of adding a luthier or guitar builders category to the forum? It would be an awesome place for guitar builders to share knowledge and techy stuff with their guitars and XC’s.
Let’s face it, a huge part of my purchase came from the awesome Strat picture on the home page and there isn’t any info on the forum about it. Pretty please?


I second the idea! I’m still waiting for the plans of the guitar on the home page to be posted somewhere…

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Me too. I’ve been practicing engraving pick guards with my V bit and getting pretty decent results. Can’t wait to start on my lap steel!

Indeed. I have been trying figure out how to size a Strat and Jbass pick guard to the actual dimensions so I can pocket a holding tool, but there are so many variations it’s turned out to be a pretty big challenge.

This was for engraving on a Strat, Tele or Jbass pick guard. So what I do is “cage” the pick guard to the work space so the pick guard hits the edges of a 1/2" piece of MDF. Then use that X&Y for my work space in Easel. Then I drop in a Strat outline into easel and size it to the work space, get as close as I can to line everything up on the waste board like it shows in Easel, add text where I want it and hope for the best. I’ve had success with this and a miss or two because when you pull the image by the corners to make it larger it skews the image instead resizing the image proportionately.

Are you using Vcarve pro or desk top?

I dig Tele’s! The last one I did was a B bender mod by hand. Wish I had my XC for that one. I’m thinkin about making another one with a rear rout, but I can’t decide what software I want to get/learn. I’m using Sketchup now and the more I read on the forum I think I may need to step it up a notch if I want to build guitars.

I saw those, love the idea! I need to get a drawing together for the B bender so I don’t have to do next one by hand. I bet if had a Tele file to start with the routing layout would be pretty simple. Here is what I want the XC to do…

That kicks ■■■ on so many levels! Thanks a lot Robert!

Love the idea…was the reason I purchased an X carve.

That’s great! Be sure to share your projects !

How funny is that, I would love to see what luthiers are doing with their X-Carves! I just started looking into building a ukulele (which will be my first instrument build ever), it’s nice to see there are a couple others here I could ask some questions to!

If and when I start building my ukulele I might throw a thread in the projects category, I’m sure there is going to be a lot to learn!

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Yes, would love to hear from luthiers. I’m an amateur, and have been doing it the old fashioned way ( I’m in the process of putting together my xcarve and hope to put it to good use.

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I see the prop makers have their own category. Just an observation…

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Very true, @Zach_Kaplan or @paulkaplan think we could make this happen? I tried, but I don’t HAVE THE POWER!

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How bout a musical instrument category? Bring on the bag pipes, guitars, drums, zithers, xylophones, cigar box guitars, banjo’s ect…

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I’m planning on building a guitar later this year. I have the design in real life that I just need to put in 3D. It’s a custom design guitar I once made with hand tools. And now that I feel confident with the CNC, I’ll revisit it and make a much more precise one.

Here is a variax telecaster I’ve been working on with a parsons b bender. I cut this on my x carve. Still getting my bits together on making these cuts. 2 sided machining has had its challenges too.


@Brian3 First of all that kicks such major ■■■! i have a B bender that I routed and fitted by hand, but it’s time to do a rear routed B bender and and a lap steel with the XC. Any chance you would like to share your project? Do you have any video of your process?

I have no idea how to share in easel, I’m pretty new to easel and this forum. I work mostly out of solidworks. I can send you a solidworks file or a dxf of this project Please keep in mind though I havent tested any of these just yet. I hope the bender route and guitar route are accurate =)

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