Lying to your machine

I have a new 11° v bit. It’s a 1/4" shank. I got it for finer lettering. Only problem is it has a very long narrow cutting edge. So when I click in go to Vcarve some text it really buries into the wood. Can I lie to the machine and say it is only 1/8 shank so it won’t bury so deep.

I’m not sure if I’m understanding your problem. What is stopping your from creating custom bit in Vcarve?

When I used a V-bit I told Easel it was .010 and it cut really nice letters, just don’t go to deep!

It has such a long cutting edge (prob a good 1/2") it just wants to use the whole bit and I just want it to use the very tip.

Make sure you edit or create a new V bit in Vcarve and you can also control your flat depth in Vcarve so cutter will not cut deeper then the flat depth.

In easel set the depth of cut to less than an1/8

Are you using Easel or UGS

Ugs. I did it with a flat depth at .05 but I was trying to see how it looked without a flat bottom

I think I have the same bit. What is the brand and part number for that one?

yep. That’s the same bit I have. I use VCarve and Aspire also. However I haven’t used this bit yet.

let me know what settings you end up on. I was curious about this one too.

Will do. I plan on doing some tests tonight

Well, there is no getting around it in vcarve I guess. It’s really up to the type of font you use. I tried different values in my tool database and they didn’t change the toolpath. This a pic someone sent to me on FB explaining what my bit was doing. So options are look for a slimmer font or use the flat bottom carve