M5 lock nuts

I am sorry for asking yet another question… I am new to cnc and to x carve.

I have seen a failure in the M5 lock nuts that I have seen before. They are separating as I am tighting them up. Is this just a defect in the part? I am going to pick up some at lowes today but want to know if I am just whining or is this normal?

What is separating? I’d say it’s normal to see a little nylon waste push through as the bolt makes it’s way through.

The nylon is coming totally out. I am assembling the Gantry side plates. I have the fixed and adjustable wheels on and it’s 50/50 on ones that have the nylon separated from the nut.

So is the locking feature no longer in play?
Can you spin the nuts with your fingers?

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Yes the nuts can be spun by hand. I have a new box of 100 from lowes so we will see how these do.

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Contact Inventables on this one for sure. They will definitely want to know if there is a quality issue with the nylock nuts. That should definitely not be happening.


Brandon Parker


I had the same issue. also about 50/50 chance for the nylon separating. I was considering getting some from lowes as well. Did that solve the problem for you?

It did… there was about a 20% failure over all for the nylon totally coming out. I can always use the extra nuts for other projects.

Yeah I ended up going and buying a bag of them about half of mine did that…

same thing happened to me

I also had the same thing happen about two weeks ago during my build