Mac can't find X-Controller

My Mac cannot find the X-controller. I’ve made sure the e-stop is pulled out. Ive taken apart the computer assembly to make sure everything is plugged in properly and it is. Motors fire and fan runs when i turn the machine on but it just wont find the system.

what is the history - fresh build or had it running recently and now not working?

Fresh build

Try variations on how you connect it.

For example, power up the controller, before connecting the usb. Then try connecting the usb, then powering it up etc. Mine was temperamental often.

Also what version of software are you on with your mac, Mavericks, High Seirra etc and what system - laptop, imac, mac mini

and just to confirm, everything is plugged in to your mac, power up the mac, log into your Easel account over the net and then go through “Machine” Tab and then “Set up your machine”, then power up your controller / machine.

I had a similar issue where mine wouldn’t run at first and discovered it was the motor wires were incorrect so the machine wouldn’t drive as I did a custom build.

Is yours a X-Carve or a X-Controller to a custom build of sorts?

sorry just trying to establish where you are at?

Check where the USB micro extender plugs into the X-Controller board - does it look like there might be some “extra” board there preventing the connector from seating fully?

At least a couple of people have had this problem recently…

Im having the same problem on my Mac running the new Mojave software. Any help would be appreciated.


Did you read the thread linked to above? Is that the problem you are having?

I did read it and have tried the steps they suggested but no luck

So you have a different problem.

I’m not a mac guy so not much help here. Have you loaded the FTDI driver?

I think that’s only for Windows based machines

The MAC would still have to talk to a serial port, so look for a serial port hooked to the Xcarve

Okay, thank you for your help

It should be connecting with a baud rate of 115200

No idea how to change the baud rate or if that would even help, Ill call support tomorrow