Mac OS Connection Issues

I’ve always struggled with connection issues the first time I try my mac on when I go to carve. Sometimes it connects other times I have to reinstall the driver every time… I haven’t carved in a few months and just last night struggled so bad to get connected with a Green Carve button. again tonight same issues. I even changed to my wife’s mac book pro and hers had some issues. Can someone please help me resolve this issue for the final time . Im so sick of coming out to carve something that should take 30 mins and I’m screaming at the computer for over an hour sometimes , doing re starts, shutdowns, force quits, driver installs. I’m over it.

Please someone help me this is causing me to loose love for even doing projects.


I am having similar issues with my MacBook Pro. It connects fine but then stops carving half way through a simple carve…


I found it only to be reliable with Apple’s usb-c to A adapter. I eventually found a mono price cable that worked reliably, but also wasn’t thrilled to have my expensive MacBook Pro sitting next to the CNC. So I got a super cheap single-board PC running Ubuntu and use that and connect from the Mac via file sharing which is more reliable and god forbid it gets trashed it’s $150

I’ve had my X-Carve for almost 3 years now and run it on a late 2013 MacBook pro with no issues. The only times I’ve had it stop mid carve was when internet went out and since Easel requires an active and stable connection that carve was toast. I’ve run as much as a 22 hr carve without issue though. I recently got a new MacBook pro (late 2019 model) but was planning on continuing to use the late 2013 model since it has native USB ports.

I use Chrome for running Easel but I also have UGSPlatform installed for when I’m running the laser.

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