Mac to Wins


I’m still building my X carve however i’m trying to get my head round Easel and the control stuff before the hardware is built.
I’ve got a rather cheap and old laptop at home which is struggling to run Draftsights and Inscape so i was planning to replace it. I’ve been offered a Mac book Air at a good price and i thought i would buy it however i think i’ve seen a post saying i need to run the x-carve from a windows machine. Now i’ve got a old desk top which i was planning on running the machine from.
the question is, will i have trouble designing on a mac and then transferring to a pc?

Thank you.

Easel and the X-Carve run just fine with a Mac or a PC.

There are other software packages that you may need Windows (Vectric V-Carve for example), but there are plenty of people on here running their X-Carves from a Mac and are quite happy doing it.

I am one of those… I have a Late 2008 MacBook that drives my X-Carve and I do most of my design work on a high end MacBook Pro. Safari on the Mac runs Easel like a champ.