Macbook air not connecting

I have been unable to get my MacBook Air to connect to carve.
My iMac computer will connect and carve with no issues. I have been over the specifications and I see no reason why my 64-bit MacBook Air running iOS 11 will not connect to Easel. Any suggestions?

I would make sure to try multiple browsers and multiple usb ports.

Unfortunately there has been a cycle of iOS versions, Mac Chipsets and browser updates that seem to cause a repeating issue for mac users.

I know it’s not ideal, but there are other gcode senders that are Mac compatible that you could test out.
OpenBuilds Control has a mac version, this would add an extra step of downloading the gcode and then opening it in OBC, but it would at least allow the Air to control the cnc… since it’s an installed program, with integrated drivers, it seems to work for a larger percentage of users than Easel on Macs…

I have a MacBook Pro 2015 with the latest iOS software. My computer can not recognize my 3018. I need help! Please advise. Thank you.