Mach 3 and G540

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking at the possibility of moving to Mach 3 and the G540. But I’m finding it difficult to find truly useful information (other than someone who’s so opinionated that we have no right to use the combo with an X-Carve :D). What I’m thinking is that, at it’s minimalist core, all I need to do this is a computer with a parallel port (have several lying around with versions of XP, Vista, and 7 installed and running), a power supply (48v), a G540, a few resistors, and some cabling with DB9 connectors on one end, and a fan or two. Am I correct?

Yes, one can easily move beyond the very minimalist config above, but my question is is that all that’s truly necessary? And then assuming the 140 oz/in nema 23’s (from Inventables), what resistors are needed (that’s where my brain truly stops working)?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Idk what that guy was talking about.

Once you go Gecko, you never go backo


wow nice article.
I too want to move to Mach3 but thats cause I want to be able to use a tool for creating a map of the surface so I can carve on any uneven or even curved surface.
Thanks for sharing