Mach 3 editor needed

I am in need of someone who has Mach 3/VB script editing experience to edit Charley’s touch plate script. Since I have a wireless touch plate I don’t need the touch plate countdown part of the script. On my tool setter all I have to do is to push the plunger down once, lighting the “probe active” light to know whether my touch plate is active or not. In fact I don’t know why someone would put a countdown timer in the script to begin with. it doesn’t make any sense. A simple “touch plate to bit” message would be all that"s needed. A countdown timer only adds an unnecessary time constraint on the operator. Instead I would rather have a "cycle start function at the top of the code to start the script. I have tried to edit out the count down part of the code but when I run the script it still lruns the “touch pate to bit” message I am willing to pay to have this done.

I added a button to my mach3 screen to run a probe script for my touchplate…no delay and it works great. I’ll grab the script when I get out to my shop…probably won’t be until Friday.

If you want me to edit your script…send it by pm and I will have a look at it.

Thank you for your quick reply.I deleted the part for the countdown and “touch probe” parts and ran it trough VB Script editor it ran through but when I tried to load it in Mach I got a “Script compiler Error”.

How do I go about sending the script to you. I’m not that great sending things through internet mail. my G Mail address is: Maybe we can start there. Again Thank you very much for your time and effort.

I sent you an email.

This a public THANK YOU ERIK for the great job you did on the script.

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