Mach3 upgrade

I need to know exactly what is needed to upgrade to Mach3 software… i.e. hardware, price, brands

then search for it

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thanks for the help…

There’s no “right” answer here. There’s multiple options to go to MACH3. There is no exact prescription.

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and look for a geckodrive, best value-for money out there afaik.

First place to start.

  1. You need a computer with a DB25 printer port $?
    Or a Uc100. Around $150
  2. A design program to produce Gcode. Easel will no longer work for you. $50-$10000000000
  3. A license for Mach3. $175

Then you have a billion different options as far as controller set up. Best choice is a Gecko G540. Around $275
Then you need wire, a box to install it all in and a bunch of other nick knacks to get the hardware together.

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Thanks Curtis !!!

Hi, I’m new to the forum. After buying the X controller, I found it didn’t work with Mach3 at all.
I went online found a usb to Mach
3 controller board on Amazon for around $40 and at a company called Zyltech got TB6600 stepper motor drivers and built a very nice controller. the wiring is very straight forward. Don’t use the Mach3 download that comes with the board.
Hope this helps Jim

The copies that come with these type of boards are usually not a legitimate copy of the software. If you don’t have a license to paste into the main folder you will only get limited capabilities with the software.

Mach3 isn’t designed to use with a GRBL controller. If you have a controller that uses a parallel port then there is an adapter called UC100. I use it with my usb laptop on another machine with a different controller.

This still won’t make it work with GRBL though. You need a license to make full use of Mach3, as the download only works up to 500 lines of code ( at least that’s what it used to stop at).

A geckodrive is also a dream match if you want to work with mach3. Costs about the same as the xcontroller. Just remember you need a parallel port on your pc, or else you will need additional hardware.

the was also just released as a Mach 3 based plug and play controller. incase you dont want to deal with wiring and such. You can get it with or without motors