Machine built. All is good!

Got my 1000mm machine a few days ago. It’s built. It works!


Congrats and welcome to the $#@%# show! :smiling_imp:

All too oftengrinning: all we hear about on the forum is " I have this problem " or " ****** isnt working"

It’s nice to hear of a machine assembly that went down the way it’s supposed to and be up and working.

Mine was pretty much the same way.

Now get busy and make something! :grinning:

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Man, are you now in for some fun.

In short you’ll love it, you’ll hate it, and then you’ll love it even more - a bit like golf, but with something to show for it at the end of each session…

Yep, mine was (mostly) good to go right out of the gate, helps to take your time building it and triple check belts, wheels, squareness, etc. before ever firing it up. :slight_smile:

Happy carving!

I’d still suggest searching for “adjusting stepper motor voltage” and double checking everything is square and tight (particularly the grub screws on the motor pulleys an the belt tension).

They’re pretty common issues that arrive early in the process.