Machine Carves multiples to the left

So out of nowhere my machine will start to carve to the left. I have tried simple things like the bottle icon, when cutting it did the shape fine, but instead of continuing on the bottle the machine shifts to the left and makes another design sort of like the bottle but not in whole, then shifts left and does yet a different shape. Then when it goes to home position it is sometimes 4-6 inches to the left of the original start. Any ideas of what is going wrong?

You’re losing steps. Something is probably loose.

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X-Controller or Arduino + gshield?
What is your $110 and $120 GRBL parameter value?
What are you trying to carve (material?) and your current feed rate and depth per cut?

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Justin thank you, after careful look I noticed the top belt was loose and that was all, I was forsure it was something internal. And haldor I did increase my speeds and that helped as well , alos whatever else you said there haldor shows that you are way smarter then I am, haha, thankyou both for your advice!