Machine cuts through center of piece and never returns to gcode path

I am working on a huge project with long run times and multiple passes. I set up my CAM in fusion 360 and confirmed through the simulation that the paths are correct. I exported them using the easel post processor and about 3.5 hours into my 6 hour roughing pass the machine basically forgot all the g code and cut right through the middle off the piece and continued off to the opposite end of the x axis never to return back to the intended cut. What could be the issue? Is this an issue with easel handling external g code? Should i switch to UGS for these large carves or is something else going on here? Bummed that I spent so much time on my CAM (which worked great until it didn’t) and ruined a rather expensive piece of material.

Hi Alek, What model CNC is this?

Can you post a photo of the resulting carve? Thanks!

I have the 4x4 Xcarve pro.

The line through the middle is not supposed to be there haha.

Yesterday and today I tried a smaller project through Gsender and I am still getting weird results. Random G code errors that pop up but if I run it again it won’t happen or will get an error at a different point in the carve. It’s also having a lot of issues losing alignment. Carve will be going fine then it’ll get maybe .2" off course and do the rest of the carve at that new spot. Then when I cancel and send back to zero the zero is off. Getting frustrated for sure maybe those new issues are a Gender problem but I can’t seem to figure out how to get UGS to recognize my machine so I haven’t tried that program yet.

Here is the issue on the the new carve through Gsender

Everything is perfect and then you can see in the middle rectangle it loses its location and starts cutting into the side about .2" from where it should be.

I had a feeling it was a X-Carve Pro. I’ve seen a handful of posts about very similar issues of the axis runaway like that over the past year, I think the fix was to update the Grbl Firmware on the cnc, but I’m not positive. But if you call inventables I’m sure they would be able to walk you through the solution.

That was the issue! Updated and good to go!

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