Machine Cutting no deeper than 1/8 inch

I currently have two of the X-Carves running the same program that has multiple tool paths ranging from 1/8th inch deep to 1/2" inch. One machine will run the entire program with no problem, but the other will only cut down 1/8" inch and say that the program is complete with the machine going back to the home position. I have tried to run G code and simple easle programs to see if something was written wrong in the code but one machine will run the program great while the other doesn’t.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using the same PC to connect to both machines? On the machine that won’t complete the program, have you used a program like Universal G Code Sender to connect to the machine? The reason I ask is that on my X-Carve, if I send a file with Universal G Code Sender, I have similar problems with Easel afterward.