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Machine cutting to deep

I’m trying to carve letters on a dyed piece of pine. I want to just barely scratch the surface, but the machine keeps cutting 1/8 of an inch into the wood. I’ve even changed both the plunge and depth settings to .0001, but the machine keeps carving deeper. I am using a 30 degree bit. The machine seems to be taking a lot of time going, over and over, the letters. What am I doing wrong?

I could be wrong but i think you would need to use a thin font. If you are using a wide font the bit will go deeper trying to get the width of the font. Someone else may have a better answser.

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Thank you, I will try that tomorrow.

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A shallow depth will result in the v- bit stepover coming into effect because it is making flat bottom pockets.

I would either

  1. adjust the v-bit stepover *its different than the regular stepover. . .go to machine> general settings and itd on the right side.
  2. Carve deeper so itd not making flat bottoms
  3. Use a wider angle bit and adjust the depth a little deeper such that there are no, or at least less flat bottom pockets.
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I’m having the same issue, doubly so after the latest update. I always had v-bit carves going deeper than I would like on wider cuts but at least it seemed to honour the depth per pass settings if not the max depth. However, now its ignoring the depth per pass completely and going to the max depth right away and ignoring the fact that the line its carving should be a lot thinner and therefore a lot shallower.