Machine does not respond to Feed Rate increase

New to the forum here. Just built a new machine. I am using an Arduino with Easel running it.
I have 2 issues. First issue is that is not moving to scale. The movements are smaller than the values entered. When I ask for 1 inch of movement, I am getting 5/8 inch. But I found a few previous threads explaining how to recalibrate for that.

The issue I haven’t found anything for is Feed rate response.
No matter what feed rate I enter in Easel. My machine just moves along at very slow speed.
Same speed no matter if I reduce the feed rate or increase it.

At this point I have not cut anything. I am just doing dry runs without the spindle attached to make sure everything responds at it should.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

What are your Grbl settings?
Tell us more about your machine.

Size Calibration within Easel:

Feed/Acceleration Calibration theory, shown using UGS, BUT you can also do this process in Easel within the same Machine Inspector page as the movement distance calibration from above:

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Hi folks,
Got everything sorted. PaPa’s video was great to explain calibration for distance travlled. Worked perfect.
As for the machine not being able to increase in speed…
Once I was in the grbl code and saw which lines control travel measurements. I figured there must be lines for speed as well. I found a list that describes what each line does. Went to the lines for speed and increased them. Now i can speed up and slow down the feed rate as needed. Then i found the lines for acceleration and brought them up to a more respectable speed. The acceleration was really slow as well. I don’t need instant acceleration, but i shouldn’t have to count to 10 either to get there.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Next up, is setting up and leveling the waste board.


I wish this was the response to every question that comes through on the forum!

Glad you’re up, running, and learning how to use your machine.


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