Machine home and switches

I can’t find out a straight answer. If I use my homing switches in xcarve, will that be the 0,0 x,y on in easel? I want to be repeatable in my work. I need 15 of an item and need it cut to size and then carved. If i create the easel file the same size as the item, will the homing switches start it at the same spot every time? What about putting a stop block mounted on the waste board so I can simply slide it into a lower left corner on the waste board and repeat? Ive seen it done before in a video but can’t seem to set it up. Help!?

It can be if you set it as your work zero. Homing sets machine zero, which is different to work zero.

When you go through the setup of your job, it asks you to to probe the Z axis, and set the work home position. If you place the work piece in the same position each time , and use last X, Y, then you should be ok.

Research stop blocks and G28 (orG30) command. These help immensely

If the machine home position is used for work zero you have to remember the center of your bit can be er go left of or below that position.
Research and learn g28 and g30.

When you first power on your machine, it has no reference as to where it is in relation to X/Y/Z. The homing process allows the machine to move back to a fixed/mechanically stopped position, using homing switches, that will establish a known ‘machine home’.

From there, as you mount material (anywhere on the waste board) and then move to that area and then probe and set your XY position in relation to the mounted material prior to carving, that then becomes the ‘work zero’ position.

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Easel Home position aka Work Zero/MaterialZero (Easel 0,0 Design position) is stored as an offset value like “3 steps north, 3 steps west and 4 steps up”. (Same applies for G28 & G30 parking spaces)

To have a consistent destination to arrive at you need a known start point. This is what homing switches do.
They provide a consistent reference point, so the “3 steps north, 3 steps west and 4 steps up” ends up at the same spot.

These offset values are stored and will be kept between power down/ups. Until changed.

So when you have 15 identical pieces to carve:

  • 1 - make a bump stop for the first one and position Piece#1 up again it.
  • 2 - place your bit at you intended work zero (Easel Home Position)
  • 3 - Carve #1, jog the bit out of the way to remove #1 and insert #2
  • 4 - Click Carve and “Use previous Home” and #2 will be done.
  • 5 - Repeat for #3.

Should your machine loose position or for whatever reason abort, redo your homing cycle and start at bullet 4 :slight_smile: