Machine homing step motor runs a little after

When I home my machine it hits the switch, stops for a brief moment and then will run for about a half a second grinding the motor. Is this normal.

Once it touches the homing switch it will back off i think like half a mm or a mm then slowly will go up and touch it and stop. Maybe you are hearing it ease up the second time.

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Does the homing sequence for X&Y begin after Z or does the machine halt/throw an error?
(Check Easel Machine Inspector, CTRL+SHIFT+D for status alerts)

The slower your stepper “step” the coarser it will sound, so it can be normal.
If the machine finish homing and is carve-ready then its normal. If the machine throw an error during homing it is not normal.

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When this happened to me the pulley was loose (I.e. check the grub screw on the pulley)