Machine Inspector Console - G0 command doesn't always function

I home the machine after turning it on.

If I open the Machine Inspector Console and type in G0X0Y0 (or any variation of upper/lower case, spaces, etc)
sometimes the gantry will move to the current origin and sometimes it just displays “OK” in the console.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason why it does or doesn’t work.

After running a job and having the gantry move to G28 (via console) the next command could be G0X0Y0 and it may or may not move. After jogging the machine via the carve (or now the jog interface) it may or may not work.

Every time I enter a G28 or G30 it does what it is supposed to.

Why does the console only occasionally accept a G0 command and actually do it?

Anyone else have issues with the console not moving the gantry?

Should move unless you’re already in the location you told it to move to.
If your machine is already at X0Y0, and you send G0X0Y0, it will not move.

Definitely not at the X0Y0. At HOME (front left corner) or G28 (parked way in the back), G30 location (usually set at the middle of the carve area), or some other location that I’ve used to line up the project piece.

My X0Y0 is generally set at 0.5", 0.5" from HOME.

It is a PITA to manually move it there to start a job (need to line the project up - can’t use physical stops since the project always hangs over the end of the carve area). I wish they would add a damn button like I’ve asked for. It would make it so much easier to do production.

Haven’t used different work coordinate systems but probably should so I don’t have to change X0Y0 for different jobs I do often.

Is it repeatable? Is there a situation or series of steps with which you can make it ignore the G0X0Y0 every time?
The only other thing I can think would be that somewhere your sending a G91. If you’re in G91 motion mode, G0X0Y0 would not move the machine.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t seem repeatable… at least I don’t have the time to run a bunch of experiments to find out if there is a reason. Especially since there is no way for me to know what the Easel code is doing between functions or during them. All I can do is trust that the Easel internet to x-controller is doing what it is supposed to do.

I was hoping that someone else had seen this kind of “intermittent” operation.