Machine Inspector Z-Axis settings keep reverting to old improper settings

Machine Inspector Z-Axis settings keep reverting to old improper settings. Even after unlocking and changing to $102=49.909 then attempting to make a project it buries the the bit into the waste board. I then run Machine inspector again only to find $102=188.90
What do I need to do in order to lock in the correct settings so they don’t keep changing?

When you issue the $102=49.909 GRBL should store that value. Have you attempted to issue the $$ command to retrieve all of the settings immediately after trying to set $102 to see if GRB actually stored the setting?


Brandon Parker

Yes, I did, Twice. Then tried to do a small project. The bit drove straight thru into the waste board. Emergency stop. Raised the bit out and checked Machine inspector again and saw it had reverted back again.

By chance are you having to keep doing the machine setup each day? and this is when its re-setting the $102?

Sound Familiar?

That happened to me a while back when i changed computors. I found that it was not storing the cookies. When i set it to store the cookies i never had that problem again. You may want to check that.

I have. I input the $$ command then check the setting $102=49-909 is there. It shows it being there but when I start another project and check machine inspector files I find $102=188.976 again. I can’t understand why all the other settings I have put in have taken but $102 keeps changing.

I keep having to do machine every time that I start a project. Every time I do another layer of a project I have to check machine inspector to see if i have the right settings. If I input the $102=49.909 at the start of the project it seems to hold. If I start a different project it reverts to $102=188.976. I am wondering if I am doing things out of sequence.

your cache is getting cleared out. that’s your issue, browser privacy settings? Antivirus software clearing it out? something is clearing the broswers cache and the prior machine setup is stored there…

You could use a dedicated gcode sender. Just use easel to design, then export the gcode and send through a dedicated program… (I like OpenBuilds CONTROL) but Universal Gcode Sender is also a commonly used sender…
You can see OpenBuilds in action in the 2nd half of my video about making perfect Flags on the CNC :slight_smile: HOW TO CNC FLAGS LIKE A PRO - With Perfect Star

OR you can fix the cache clearing issue,

OR you can use the “other” machine, the one with the photo of the mini desktop cnc because that option will NOT push $102 values to your CNC, but if you go this route your still going to have to do this setup each time the cache is cleared out…