Machine is cutting WAY off path

So I upgraded my Y-axis with 2" end plate risers, 9mm belts and gears, and some 269oz. motors from Amazon, and now my machine is not only cutting way off where its supposed to be ( off the material half of the time ) it’s actually cutting the image LARGER than it should be. Is there something I need to adjust somewhere in EASEL? This is the newest model Xcarve with the X-Controller. Thanks!

If you think about it … all the machine is doing is sending commands to three motors on how many steps, which direction, how quickly.

This is all calibrated to the motors and belts you took off. 4 steps on the new motors/belts could equal 3 on the old. And so it carves bigger.

I know there are threads here on how to calibrate the steps. I haven’t done it but have seen them and how to do it in machine settings. A search should kick em up.

The FB chat helped me out, but thanks!

With a 20 tooth pulley, assuming you switched to 3mm pitch, the ideal steps/mm are 26.67 not 40.

Calibrate your steps/mm on each axis before you keep carving.

The math came out to 26.54 but it actually ended up being 27.190

With 8X microstepping, 200 step/rev stepper and a 20 tooth 3mm pitch pulley, the math is:

(200 * 8) steps/rev / (20 teeth/rev * 3 mm/tooth) = 1600 steps/rev / 60 mm/rev = 26.667 steps / mm

That is what a decent amount of assumptions so maybe your exact situation is different, but given the parameters above, that’s the math.

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it’s within less than half a millimeter right now… plenty happy with that! Ill definetly keep that equation handy for next time however because the way someone showed me was a bit different! Thanks!