Machine is not cutting evenly across

Can anyone tell me why the XCarve would start not carving evenly across? I have attached a picture for your reference. The wood is cut correctly. I’ve checked that several times. For some reason, the stars are not cutting evenly all the way across. And yes, this is the same project that I have cut several times before and have had no problems with. Any help would be great. Thanks!

This one is from me deleting some stars from the original template and carving. Perfect carve. I have no idea what happens when I copy, paste, and delete stars for another template.

I’d go back to basics and check everything is level and square.

You seem to have drag marks on the top picture, is that from the router??

No, that’s just saw dust marks from where I wiped it. I ran it again and it lined up after I imported it again.


Ok, so now it is doing this on a sign. I centered everything using Easel and had the measurements right. I cannot do the whole sign together or it messes up the logo. Doing it separately, the logo does fine as in the picture. It messes up the Y at the end though. Any help would be appreciated!

Looks like you are loosing steps when doing the Y.
Machine bumping into on of its extremes while carving?

Thanks. How do I fix that?

I am not trying to be a clever - but how can we tell? :slight_smile:
Loosing steps can be due to every aspect of your machine.

Set screws loose, belts too loose/too tight, carve too aggressive (shouldnt affect only the Y), something preventing the axes to move freely etc…

So, I tightened and squared everything and did a test carve on just the image. That came out great. The only issue now is the image messes up when I put it with letters. For example, like the image attached.