Machine is not moving

Just finished setting up my 1000 x 1000 mm and it wont move. I have completed all the instructional steps and heres where I’m at…

Fan kicks on.
Macbook and easel know its plugged in.
Lights are on on the G-shield, both blue and green.
There is no smoke or funny sounds.
If I unplug everything and move an axis by hand the lights on the G-shield come on and the fan moves.
Spindle is not turning on.
All connections appear to be solid.

Please help.

Edit: I noticed that when I test the machine in easel that testing the automatic turn on function the green light turns of while testing but nothing else changes.

Mostly fixed, G-shield was not fully secured. Everything seems to be moving fine however the spindle wont turn on automatically but ill figure that out tomorrow.

Of course double check your connections to the power supply, and be sure the switch is all the way down for auto - mode. The switch has an on, and off , and the third (logic) is what you want to set it too, good luck!

I had the same problem as you, I found that i had to remove the arduino from the case then connect the shield. I was able to put it back in the case but its not secured per the instructions, the connection for the limit switches on the shield also is blocked by the edge of the case and slides off VERY easy. I working on a way to secure that better.